Friday, September 30, 2011

Ex-lawn graduation day

Here's our late lawn, all mulched and planted and today approved by Santa Clara County, which gives out grants to those executing lawns. Not sure what goes in the middle yet. I'm considering a bird bath, though husband would prefer a large garden gnome. I don't know what happened to the voles who lived under the old lawn; with luck they took the hint and moved to the lawn next door.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Model for Megan

This is Amy Kincaid, my Scottish great-niece whose wonderful hair inspired me to give Megan something similar.

In Megan's case the hair is corralled into braids, but the top part became a major problem when her mother started to cut it short all over but stopped when she realized she was doing a really bad job. That left Megan with a stiff crest of hair that humans find entertaining but that makes mice nervous at first, because "it made the child look so wild! For many mammals, having your hair stick up in front is a sign you are about to attack."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Progress on two fronts

First, I think my website is just about ready for prime time (thank you, Scott.) It's at, which those who have read Mousenet may recognize as the website of the Mouse Nation. We share.

Second, I have some good news to put on the website, including an upcoming review from Kirkus Book Reviews, which describes itself as "a powerful resource for millions of readers, writers, librarians, media executives and the publishing industry." The full review is here–ending in this sentence:

"Genuine goodwill, humor and impressive believability will have readers longing for mice as friends—not to mention political allies."


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Homage to Andy Goldsworthy

Most of the plants are now in place, taking over from the ex-lawn – but according to my ace consultant this is no longer just horticulture but Art. Specifically, that river of rocks on the right is meant to take itself literally–to make like a river, and flow.

We found the right type of rocks, which call themselves wood rocks and do indeed sometimes look like strips of fossilized wood that can be lined up in flow formation. So if the supply of sequels to Mousenet (due out November 8th) dries up temporarily, it will be because I'll be outside hour after hour, straightening rocks.

These rocks are "before". . .

. . . and these are "after." Is that beautiful, or what?
(You don't have to answer that question.)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Need I say more? Seven plants down and about fifty to go (though it's a pity to spoil that beautifully sculpted dirt).